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We develop fun learning by augmenting words with hand made visuals for higher impact learning and retention.

Why innovation never takes place !

If you are not listening to your employees #ideas for improving business or company processes, you might loose them to employers who will listen to them. Listening to the ideas of your employees may lead to better engagement levels, #innovation, #creativity and enhancement in their… Continue Reading →

Caution : Wet Flattery !

#Flattery is like chewing gum, enjoy it but don’t swallow it ~Hank Ketcham I would love to see some new signs in #offices. The following should be one of them. I loved drawing it. The idea came when i saw someone mopping… Continue Reading →

Always follow me

Does your creative input, suggestions, ideas matters at your work place? Does this cartoon resonates with you?

How to do a to-do list.

How to do a #todolist ? There are many ways of making a to-do list. Well here is one of the effective way, i found it on themuse.com and i am doing it visually for you to try. Believe it not, most of us… Continue Reading →

“Crisis does not build character, it reveals it.”

The Covid-19 pandemic created a chaos, last year, when it disrupted the normal way of our lives. The pandemic literally threw all of us in the VUCA world. The crisis was a real test for leaders, both political and business,… Continue Reading →

Upskilling & Reskilling

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and last year’s Covid pandemic has led to disruptions world wide. Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Digital Transformation are eliminating well-established careers and creating new jobs and professions at an unprecedented pace. According to the World Economic… Continue Reading →

Is your Linkedin profile getting extinct ?

If your “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” chart on Linkedin is not showing you any hits day after day, then your Linkedin Profile is in, what I call, “Quarantine”. Simply because your profile is idle, no one is visiting it, it… Continue Reading →

Re-imagining the workplace during Covid 19

The Covid pandemic is here to stay. Your company has told you not to come to the office anymore. Stay at home and work from there. Great. That means no long commutes to the office. But hold on, before getting… Continue Reading →

Making the right resolutions and sticking to them

After reading Chrys Bader’s article, “Making the right resolutions and sticking to them“, i decided to draw its visual summary keeping in mind that is should convey the message, “Elevate yourself one answer at a time“. No doubt your answers… Continue Reading →

021Disrupt2019- Intrapreneurship: Innovating within Large Companies

The 3rd edition of Nesti/o’s “021Disrupt” happened on 2 & 3rd November 2019. The event witnessed a footprint of 1100+ entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, professionals and students. Speakers from  USA, UAE, Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Pakistan graced the occasion. Six Hundred (600) plus… Continue Reading →

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