Garbage in, garbage out

Every day we are feeding junk food to our stomachs. Fried chicken, sausages, french fries, cheesy burgers, diet and regular colas, doughnuts, nachos etc are quite common in our daily diet. These items are high on calories with little or no… Continue Reading →

To succeed put fingers in your ears

Your chances of transforming your dreams into a reality depend on how many times you turn a deaf ear to all the negative phrases showered on you by your friends, relatives, family and colleagues (the naysayers). Some of the frequent… Continue Reading →

Your Treasure Hunt

As a kid we all played a game where one or more players try to find hidden objects, prizes or places by following a series of clues. You guessed it right, treasure Hunt is the name of that game. However,… Continue Reading →

The longest and the biggest river

Do you know the longest and the biggest river in the world? Can you guess it? Is it river Amazon, Nile, Yangtze, Congo or Indus? You may guess the right name, but to me the longest and the biggest river is… Continue Reading →

Start smiling

Are you ready to become an upbeat person?  Do you want to defy gloom and doom within you and the world outside you? If you are ready and willing to get a head start, start smiling more often. Yes, it… Continue Reading →

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