Start smiling

Are you ready to become an upbeat person?  Do you want to defy gloom and doom within you and the world outside you?

If you are ready and willing to get a head start, start smiling more often. Yes, it is simple. Start smiling more often.

I am not asking you to smile more often just for the heck of it. I am asking because smiling is:

  • According to our Sunnah, It’s a charity;
  • It triggers several therapeutic benefits within our body. It reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, makes you look younger and gives more immunity against diseases;
  • It helps us to interact with people in a positive manner and may also result in a happier mood.

As the list of the benefits of smiling is quite exhaustive, hence would urge you to research more on this topic.

But before we proceed on, let’s have a smile break. How about a big lovely smile on your face.

Ron Gutman, founder, and CEO of HealthTap, recently posted a video talk on The Hidden Power of Smiling

During his talk, he cited a UK research where British researchers  found that:

  • One smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars; and
  • Smiling can be as stimulating as receiving up to 16,000 Pounds Sterling in cash.

Here is a challenge for all adults who are reading this blog:

Think for a second, how many times do you smile in a day?

Your daily smile statistics might range from 10 to 55 at the max, and you may be considering it as a decent double digit figure. Trust me, even getting a century of smiles in a day is nowhere nearer as compared to children, who, on an average, smile as many as 400 times per day! And that’s why despite all the scolding, children are the happiest lot on earth and richest (16000 pounds sterling x 400 times LOL).

A research study by Orbit Complete discovered that 69 percent of people find women more attractive when they are smiling than when they are wearing makeup.

So, start smiling more often from now onwards, as its benefits are tax-free so far, and for a grateful grin, practice holding a chopstick or a pencil between your teeth.


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