Garbage in, garbage out

Every day we are feeding junk food to our stomachs. Fried chicken, sausages, french fries, cheesy burgers, diet and regular colas, doughnuts, nachos etc are quite common in our daily diet. These items are high on calories with little or no nutritional value. As a result, regular intake leads to high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart issues etc. Hence junk food is very dangerous.

Now if we shift our focus upward from stomach to our brain, we are doing the same with our brain. We are feeding junk to our brain by watching too much television, allowing negative thoughts to sneak inside, too much multitasking, not sleeping adequately, no physical exercise and spending too much on social media. Just like junk food, the brain junk is high on stress, with little or no cognitive value. And hence, it leads to depressions, anxiety, drop in cognitive performance and damage to brain cells.

So if we stop junking our brain, it may also lead us to think twice before junking our stomach.

The best antidote to brain junk, is to read books, listen to TED talks, see You Tube videos on positivity and inspiration, visit art shows, listen to religious talks, go to mosque or your place of worship, become an avid fan to Jay Shetty’s inspirational telecasts, spend time with family, play with kids or simply keep visiting my website


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