Learn your country’s national anthem by heart.

There are many people in the world who either don’t know their National Anthem or have forgotten it altogether.

And in case if you also happen to be one of them, well today is the best day to memorize and understand your National Anthem.

If you are still not motivated to do so, probably one man can inspire you to memorize your national anthem. Read on.

We are too lazy to memorize just one national anthem and that too of our country. But memorizing 113 national anthems and that too with near perfect foreign pronunciation… well, Thean See Xien, a 31-year-old legal counsel from Kuala Lumpur has mastered the art and science of learning national anthems by heart. However, it took him 15 years to achieve this remarkable feat.

In case if you want to do the same and want to know how he has done it, allow me to share his learning approach:

According to Thean, memorizing all 113 anthems sounds daunting, but through brute repetition, he managed to memorize them all. He listens to an anthem on You Tube and repeats until the melody is stuck in his head, and then he clicks Wikipedia for the lyrics.

Thean further explains that “Learning a song in the evening and then going to sleep with the music and words still in the head facilitates in memorizing them.  It takes about three days to learn an anthem.”

Thean is only conversant in English and Bahasa Malaysia, however, he learned the anthems of European, Asian and South and North American countries with near-perfect pronunciation.

Today, we as Pakistanis are witnessing our 70th Independence day. It is a day of rejoicing and celebrations. The air is filled with the sights and sounds of patriotism all over the country. National anthems, patriotic songs, traditional dances, display of flags and night fireworks are all there.

But it will be a tragedy if we let go this Independence Day without understanding and learning our national anthem by heart? The national anthem, whose music was composed by Ahmad G Chagla in 1949 and whose lyrics were pinned down by Hafeez Jullundhri in 1952, is only three stanzas long and can be learned within an hour.

And the best motivation for memorizing our national anthem is none other than Thean See Xien.


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