Digital Innovation and the Future of Business in Pakistan

On February 16, 2019, the Alumni Association of Institute of Business Management (IOBM) arranged an important session titled ” Digital Innovation and the Future of Business in Pakistan” as part of their new series “Lessons for Leaders”.  Mr Talib S. Karim, President IOBM gave a brief introduction of IOBM and its newly build Entrepreneurship & Management Excellence Centre (EMEC). Mr Abrar Ahmed Khan, IOBM Alumni Association briefed about the session and gave a brief introduction of Mr Javaid Iqbal , keynote speaker of the session.

Mr Javaid Iqbal, CEO of, engaged audience by explaining in detail the importance of availability of precision data, connectivity, customer centricity and digital transformation of companies in the Pakistani landscape.

Towards the end of the session, Mr Asif Jafri, Founding Member of Momentum, discussed about the vision of his platform.

My visual brief of the session is attached above.



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