The Covid pandemic is here to stay. Your company has told you not to come to the office anymore. Stay at home and work from there. Great. That means no long commutes to the office. But hold on, before getting too much excited, you don’t have an extra room in your house which can be converted into a home office. So how on earth will you create a secluded office space in your already cramped apartment. A working space free from the sights and sounds of kids shouting, door and phone bells ringing, family members barging in with their requests for random chores and so on……

Believe me, there is a solution “The Closet Office”. Store away your closet stuff somewhere else and convert the closet into your nice and mini office. Not only you will be utilizing your closet to its best potential, it will also become your prime real estate.

So keep your sanity intact by working 9 to 5 in your closet.