The Covid-19 pandemic created a chaos, last year, when it disrupted the normal way of our lives. The pandemic literally threw all of us in the VUCA world.

The crisis was a real test for leaders, both political and business, worldwide with reference to their leadership qualities.

One Chief People Officer remarked, “the pandemic has offered leaders one of the best development programs ever”.

During time of crisis and urgency, employees look up for top leadership traits. If leaders know a way forward, it adds up to the resilience and confidence of the employees.

What do you think, how did the leaders handled the covid crisis last year ?

On this topic, an important book titled, “Made in Crises” is now available on Amazon. The book was published last year and the authors are Arif Anis and Qaiser Abbas.

In case, if you as a business leader or an executive are overwhelmed by this pandemic and are looking for great management and leadership lessons and skills, this book is the need of the hour.

Its time to ponder on the old adage, “Crisis does not build character, it reveals it.