The purpose of  Humorcarbons is to develop FUN learning through hand made visuals, doodles and genuine wisdumbs.  Words are important but alone they are boring. If words are combined with hand made visuals, the impact is amazing, the retention is higher and the learning is super.

Humorcarbons want you to learn differently by thinking outside the words. Keep visiting our space to enjoy learning the simple way.

So join Mateen Hamza who is a marketing professional by choice but a humorist, author, storyteller, blogger and a doodler by fluke, and start learning differently.



                                        Photo from session on “Eat Your Stress” at IOBM

Hamza’s first book titled 101 Wisdumbs was launched in the market in March 2013. The book contains one hundred and one of his wisdumbs on bosses, meetings, success, social media, wives and life in general.

He love to tell stories to his own children took him to ToffeeTV events as a story teller. Toffee TV events were held at The Second Floor, T2F, Karachi.His story on  Sheikh Chilli Ka Eik Qissa got more than 3900 views so far on Daily Motion.

He has also worked with two renowned authors namely Mr. Qaiser Abbas and Mr Hammad Siddiqui as doodler for their following books namely,


Hamza has also been invited as a guest speaker by Institute of Professional Psychology, Bahria University, Iqra University and Institute of Business Management to deliver keynote sessions on the relationship between Humor and Stress.

Mateen Hamza is a business graduate from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Business Administration.