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Office Art

Why innovation never takes place !

If you are not listening to your employees #ideas for improving business or company processes, you might loose them to employers who will listen to them. Listening to the ideas of your employees may lead to better engagement levels, #innovation, #creativity and enhancement in their… Continue Reading →

Caution : Wet Flattery !

#Flattery is like chewing gum, enjoy it but don’t swallow it ~Hank Ketcham I would love to see some new signs in #offices. The following should be one of them. I loved drawing it. The idea came when i saw someone mopping… Continue Reading →

Launching “Wisdumbs Art” ~ Office Art by Humorcarbons

Humorcarbons is pleased to announce the launch of its line of “Wisdumbs Art“. Its a new entry in the market for Office Art. However, the distinctive feature of Wisdumbs Art is the combination of the original content and the original… Continue Reading →

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