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Covid and Diversity

When it comes to embracing workplace #diversity , there is no difference between Organizations and #turtles. Yes…TURTLES… Both are slow. Like speeding up the Digital Transformation Revolution, is #Covid also speeding up the Diversity culture in organizations ? Though i haven’t done any scientific study… Continue Reading →

Are you still in love with the old Normal

Given a chance, would you like to go back to the old normal ? Do you think people are still in love with the old normal.

Will you swallow a digital chip ?

#DigitalTransformation is now a life line for all organizations. #Tech consultants are high in demand. Executives are eager to learn more and more about it, even willing to pay for it. But given a chance, will you swallow a digital… Continue Reading →

Alternate Economic Visions for Pakistan (Visual notes)

Pakistan 2047 Visions Conclaves are a series of discourses that invite leading thinkers, scholars and practitioners to present their ideas and help jumpstart the discourse within the society. It was curated by non other than Dr Athar Osama through the platform… Continue Reading →

Insight To Inspire Leaders

Insights Business Forum, an initiative of Learning Minds, organized a wonderful event titled “Insights to Inspire Leaders!” on 11 August 2018 at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi. The goal was to produce and distribute world-class content to help companies and individuals to improve… Continue Reading →

How to effectively use your Linkedin Profile

On July 26, 2018 TRG organized an event titled “In It To Win It” at KSBL. The session was on how to effectively use your LinkedIn Profile and the speaker was Rahila Narejo, CEO Narejo HR . The visual summary of the… Continue Reading →

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