Wisdumbs Art

Walls not only have ears,¬†they can speak as well. To utilize walls as an effective communication medium, Humorcarbons has designed a new and original line of “Wisdumbs Art” (WA). WA is a combination of genuine inspiring messages combined with creative doodles presented within a handy wall frame. The content and the doodles are developed and designed by Mateen Hamza, who is also the author of “101 Wisdumbs”, a stress busting pocket book on corporate humor.

In this digital age, with so many distractions and stress around, humans working within a setup as employees, students, freelance, housewife etc. need a stress-free work environment. The WA frames are perfect for office walls, workspaces, corridors, waiting & reception area, class rooms, and homes.

To order or to find out more about WA frames, just email us at humorcarbons@yahoo.com